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Know about Raftaar vs Muhfaad – New Coldwar

You all must know about the great beef between Muhfaad v. Kalamkar & Artsittan, which brought a great line of diss tracks from both sides and brought the best out of the artists. The winning side of this beef is disputable, but there’s no doubt that this was one of the legendary beefs in DHH.

The commencement of this beef was done by Muhfaad from his track ‘Happy Diwala Ravan’, which initiated a domino effect of records from both sides. Even though the main issue was between Raftaar and Muhfaad, everyone except Raftaar dropped a diss track against Muhfaad.

At the time of the beef, Raftaar did not feature or helped any of the artists in the eyes of the public but he still can be sensed throughout the duration of the beef, & his aura was around the beef even though he did not actively participate.

Now after 1 year of beef we can see or sense Raftaar taking ‘Subliminal Hits’ towards Muhfaad in his tracks, and Muhfaad is also making references to Raftaar and the 2020 beef. On one hand, Raftaar has announced his EP ‘Barrish’ and on the other side Muhfaad has announced his EP ‘Season of Selab’, both of the names are quite similar to each other as they both represent the Rainy Season. Not just that, Muhfaad has also released a track called ‘Bakri’ which is in direct response to Raftaar’s track ‘Black sheep’ and his upcoming track ‘GOAT’.


16 Nov 2020- Microphone Check by Raftaar- “Kacche dhage kate Bacche Vacche Baghe, Har jageh Dage vo bhi bina sahi vajeh”

5 Feb 2021- Black Sheep by Raftaar- “Diss track bro that shit whack bro, I get that bro you miss that show(Hustle)….. Mere sath to ye bagal me the halwe badle khud ya kisi dalle se akal leke”

19 Mar 2021- Saza-E-Maut by Raftaar -“Ab hongi mil ke baatein Dilli mein milenge yeh tilmilate Gun wun wali karein filmi baatein Mile dhan dhan bhar dunga inmein chaatein”, In the last bar he says “ab lun me kiska name too many snakes to blame” which is a direct diss to Emiway and Muhfaad.

8 Jun 2021- Bakri by Muhfaad- “Ye Goat Hai female sare-sare hi Bakri hai inhe sher bhi dekhna hai aur gand bhi fat rhi hai”

7 Jul 2021 –Mere Yarr by Muhfaad- “I party but Mai politician nhi……….Me aur mere yaar aukaat se hai sareh hi tere bhar, Sirf gane ni banaya mene khudko bhi Chatne ko rakhe tune chele chari”

We may see more back-and-forth between these artists in the future, and no matter who you’re a bigger fan of we can tell from the past that it will bring out some interesting lyrics from both of them.