Five Must Watch Movies Based on Rap Music

Have you recently started getting familiar with rap music? Do you really want to know more about this beautiful culture called hip-hop? Are you an avid hip-hop listener who wants to dig deep into knowledge of gangsta rap, record labels and rap battles?

Here are five must watch movies/web series for every hip-hop enthusiast out there to satisfy their curiosity about the culture and the people who made it.

  1. Straight Outta Compton

The first movie on our list is about the founders of Gangsta rap in hip-hop, N.W.A. – The crew which was known to be “The World’s Most Dangerous Group“. The crew comprised of Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, MC Ren and DJ Yella. The movie shows the hustle and grind of the crew, who used their music as a voice against oppression . This movie also depicts the birth of two of the most impactful labels of hip-hop – Death Row Records and Aftermath. The rawness depicted through the movie is a complete treat to watch and perfectly explains the times when gangsters where trying to be rappers on the contrary to today’s time where rappers are trying to be gangsters.

2. Notorious

Everyone knows Biggie as the rapper who shook up the hip-hop culture with his rhymes and preaching, but this movie clearly puts forward the perspective of his topsy-turvy life, from being a drug dealer to a rapper and then being accused for the murder of Tupac. This movie narrates how the media used the “East coast vs West Coast” rivalry for their capitalization which resulted in the death of two legends of the genre at a very young age. Yet, they left an everlasting legacy which encourages people to pick up the pen and the microphone.

3. All Eyez on Me

This movie depicts the story of one of the most influential rappers in all of hip-hop – Tupac Shakur. This movie explores his life beyond his rap persona accurately and unfolds the man who was behind numerous controversies. The plot completely justifies his “Only God Can Judge Me” attitude. The film also portrays the betrayals disguised in friendship which he faced in his life. His rising, falling, and again bouncing back up will surely inspire a viewer to achieve exceptional things in life.

4. 8 Mile

Now the most talked about rap movie of all time, if you’re been into hip-hop you must’ve watched this movie by now and if not you’re for sure living under a rock! What could be more fun than watching the most popular rapper of all time doing rap battles and rubbing his shoulders with factory workers at the same time? This movie clearly shows the mindset of hustlers who are hungry to achieve the goals of their life. From being choked up in the rap battle to getting the opponent choked, the Rabbit will fill the minds of viewers with a “never give up” attitude.

5. The Get Down

Now the only web series on our list, which probably would have been most interesting one if Netflix hadn’t scraped out its further seasons. The series is the perfect combination of the rising hip-hop culture of the 70’s and teenage drama. This movie not only narrates the story of rap music, but also explores the other elements of hip-hop – Graffiti, DJing and B boying. Nas has done the narration of this series and takes the audience on a journey of the streets of New York in the 1970’s showing gangs, lowriders, and budding dreams.