International Collaborations in DHH
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International Collaborations in DHH

Desi hip hop is on a steep rise as international artists are gradually recognizing DHH artists. Collaborations between Indian artists and artists overseas are also increasing as a direct effect of this recognition. We have created a list of some of the biggest international collabs that have happened, as well as projects that are expected in the near future.

Biggest International Collabs in DHH

Bohemia: In his first studio album – Pesa Nasha Pyar, Bohemia collaborated with Snoop Dogg on the track Favorite Spot. In 2007, he teamed up with Kurupt on the song Keep it G. His next big international collab – Ek Din dropped in 2020 with The Game, which also featured Karan Aujla and J Hind.

RDB: These artists have given many significant international collaborations to Indian Hip-hop, and probably would have given more if the crew hadn’t disbanded. Their first international collab was with Snoop Dogg for the title track of the movie Singh is Kinng. Their next international collab came with Ludacris for the song Shera Di Kaum. They also did a song called Daddy Da Cash with T Pain.

Divine: After collaborating with Grammy-nominated Raja Kumari on City Slums, Divine hasn’t looked back from dropping international collabs. The track Remand from his first album Kohinoor featured US rapper Dave East. He also had a verse on a major international collab with Dutchaveli – Bando Diaries (Remix) which had features from rappers across the globe. His second album Punya Paap had features from some big international artists like Nas, Dutchaveli, Stylo G and Coco Sarai. He also did a song called Jungle Mantra with Pusha T and Vince Staples for the Netflix movie The White Tiger. His latest international collab was with the legendary rock band Metallica for the song The Unforgiven.

Emiway Bantai: He dropped his first international collab I Been That with American rapper Dax. Then, he collaborated with Celina Sharma on Lean On which had a club song vibe. His next big collab came with Macklemore in the Firse Machayenge Remix. He also collaborated with Grammy-nominated music producer Nana Rogues on the track named Charge.

KR$NA: Right from his “Young Prozpekt” days KR$NA was doing collaborations with American rappers. Till now year 2021 has been fruitful for KR$NA as he has been able to score two major international collabs for Indian Hip-hop with the help of Hi-Rez. In January they dropped Crossroads with Royce Da 5’9” and this month they dropped Playground with KXNG Crooked.

Expected International collabs in DHH

Sidhu Moosewala: Sidhu is a Punjabi rapper/singer whose charts stay unmatched. Sidhu Moosewala may bring the biggest collab in DHH’s history, Drake x Sidhu, as both follow each other on IG and Drake was also seen playing Sidhu’s music in a video. Inner sources also confirm that both are talking with each other about music collaboration.

Raftaar: Raftaar is a huge name throughout DHH, even though he has no International collaboration yet. There was a discussion between him and DAX for a collab that was not executed for some reason. Now, Raftaar was seen meeting The Game in the USA and it’s possible you’ll be seeing Raftaar x The Game in the near future.

Emiway: He is already recognized in the international hip-hop community, and the most awaited collab of him is with Russ. Emiway is inspired by Russ which can be seen in his old music like ‘Kaun hun mai’. Emiway has given a few hints towards this collaboration through his IG stories. Emiway x Tech N9ne is also expected as Tech N9ne replied to Emiway’s post.

Divine: He’s signed to Mass Appeal under Nas, which gives him an upper edge over all other artists in terms of reach. Divine has a list of possible international collabs. Stylo G X Divine, can be seen again soon as Divine has told that they both will drop a track. Russ x Divine, is possible as well; both of them follow each other on IG. Noizy X Divine is also a rumored possibility, especially after they featured together on the Bando Diaries Remix.

KR$NA: As he’s being recognized in the western Hip-hop community through his English verses, new international collabs are expected from him. KR$NA x Hi-Rez can be expected to drop another track together in the future, and Hi-Rez can also help KR$NA to collab with other artists in western hip-hop.

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