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Kalamkaar’s List of Unreleased Tracks & Collaborations

Music labels are a crucial part of any music genre or any music industry. Music labels are the organizations that push an artist to their fullest potential and help them grow to a different level. Similarly in our own Desi hip-hop industry we’re blessed with plenty of these music labels that are helping many small names. Labels like Gully gang, Kalamkaar, Innovura Entertainment and many more are doing their work to change the scene. So, lets start with some unreleased tracks by Kalamkaar.

In this article we are going to talk about Kalamkaar Music, focusing on the tracks that the label has announced but not released yet due to some issues. With some awesome collaborations which Kalamkaar promised us, and also some albums and EP’s which are yet to be fully released by Kalamkaar, we have a list of several such tracks with the song names. They will be further elaborated with the announcement date or month.

So here are the gems by Kalamkaar for which everyone is eagerly waiting for:

Unreleased tracks by Kalamkaar

1. GOAT (Raftaar)

GOAT by Raftaar could be the most awaited track from Raftaar’s EP and has a high demand by his audience. The track was announced before the release of Black Sheep by Raftaar which was released in early February. Basically, it’s been 4 months since the announcement of the track and we haven’t heard anything more about it till date.

2. Shah Rule x Raftaar x MC Altaf

Rule x Raa again could be a good deal for the audience, and yes, it’s happening. But this time there will be a slight twist of MC Altaf in the song as well. In the month of August 2021 Raftaar answered a question about his collaboration with Shah Rule and he responded with ‘Let’s get MC Altaf on it as well’. So, this could be one of the best projects by Kalamkaar. Lets hope for the best.

3. Manali Drill (Raftaar)

As we don’t have much knowledge about this track, we can only speculate by its name that it seems like a Funky Drill track. This song too was announced around February and no one has talked about it further till this date.

4. The Kalamkaar Cypher

A cypher featuring the whole Kalamkaar gang is what Kalamkaar fans need ASAP. Announced at the release time of Microphone Check by Raftaar in the month of November, this cypher is highly awaited. It’s been 7 months since the announcement of the cypher now.

5. Raftaar x Instine

Instine is a multi genre record producer and has been with Raftaar for a long time now. This collaboration was announced almost 2 years back and we have heard no updates about it since then.

6. Raftaar x Akasa and Raftaar x Sukh E

Both the tracks promised by Raftaar were announced when Raftaar went to Chandigad. We’ll cover the topic about why he went to Chandigad in another blog post. These two tracks have been great hits by Raftaar but are left as forgotten legends.

There were the unreleased tracks by Kalamkaar, now let’s talk about some unreleased Albums:

Unreleased albums by Kalamkaar

1. Baarish EP

The first EP on this list has to be the Baarish EP. Raftaar has not released any song from it since a month and the whole Kalamkaar fam is looking forward to the next release from the EP. Baarish EP was announced around 7 months ago and it has been so long now. Raftaar gave clarification about the delayed release of music as an effect of the lock down. Also, he said his label won’t release any music until the whole country is getting through this pandemic and financial crisis. Great step by Raftaar prioritizing others over himself.

Released songs from Baarish EP

Microphone Check, Tu Phirse Aana and Black Sheep

We hope to see a new drop from the EP in coming days.

2. MYP Album (Karma)

Karma is considered a gem of Kalamkaar and a best selection artist by Raftaar. MYP goes by the full form ‘Made You Proud’ and is based on his life story and his phases. This album was announced around 8 months back with a total planned intro skit on Kalamkaar’s channel. They’ve just released two tracks from the album that turned out to be huge hits. Hopefully we soon will get to see Karma back in his best form and dropping some more bangers.

Released songs from MYP

Mere Bhai Log and Intro (I.C.U)

Hope everyone liked the blog, let us know in the comments if we missed something and also comment your views on these unreleased tracks by Kalamkaar. Thank you!