Meet the Two Rappers Taking Hyderabad by Storm

Super Green
Release Date
July 15, 2021

Lil Sidley and Tiger Keep Rollin’ are quickly becoming one of the hottest Rap/HipHop Artists from Hyderabad. Their album release, “Super Green” is currently buzzing over the internet which set him on our radar. The album encompasses a fusion of Music and Arts. A unique concept that has never been done. These new fresh artist have come up with a creative way to cater to their Audience through story telling via their Artworks

The sequence of artworks signify the characters Lil Sidley and Tiger Keep Rollin on the quest to dominate the charts. They particularly focus on the sounds of the album, and also depict Extensive Violence, Gore, Blood packed imagery, Substance and Sex. The main selling point in the arts are the virtuoso action sequences and well made choreographies. It’s a treat for the eye. They provide a distinct touch in their musical creations. What they deliver is genuinely crafted. 

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Lil Sidley’s focus on new catchy melodies that grab a millennial’s attention span in seconds. They are easy on the mind. He is an artist of genres and does not shy away from switching in between them from time to time. He started making Hindi rap awhile ago in order to impress his audience which did work wonders for him. He strives to achieve great things in the future.

While Tiger Keep Rollin’ on the other hand delivers meaningful lyrics that make you think twice and would want you to hit that repeat button. Both of them together are bringing a noticeable shift in the status quo of how Hindi songs are perceived.

For a more in-depth look at his discography, you can check out Lil Sidley and Tiger Keep Rollin’s rap sheet on Spotify, Instagram and YouTube to stay up-to-date with more music-related news and booking information.