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The Story of Mob D

MOB D (Deepak Negi), also known as Sonu in his family, was born on 2nd December in Barely (Uttar Pradesh). Deepak was in 3rd class when his mother committed suicide and left Deepak in a vulnerable state. After the loss of his mother, he shifted to Dehradun with his Grand Father, Grand Mother, and two younger siblings.

He spent his life in the streets looking up and preparing for the future as a young kid. His teenage years were filled with exposure to real-life as his father was in the army and he was the oldest son in his house. Deepak was connected with all kinds of street activities and after all the struggling and hustling he evolved into Mob D.

He grew around the year and round the clock out of the bad earth and the hard rock

-Arun Kolatkar

Mob D has spent his life in the streets and is therefore influenced by the culture of the streets. This includes kids with expensive bikes and cycles flashing upon those with torn clothes & who have nothing to eat, but at costs, they all live together and move up in the same streets. Mob D has shown respect to the streets, as he’s from there and some way or the other the culture is deep-rooted in him.


This artist has dropped over 18+ songs so far and has gathered a huge loving audience within a short span of time. He has dropped one EP- “MVP- Most Valuable Poet” with 4 songs (Includes 1 Accapella track) in 2017. Mob D is a huge personality within the rap world with lots of potential, DHH legends like IKKA respect and love his music.

Kha Hain ye heere Kyu khoye hue hain


While supporting the Dehradoon Hip Hop scene along with Team Evo, Mob D is carving a path for himself by creating a masterpiece of himself. BBG (Black Bandana Gang) is his initiative for upcoming artists of Dehradoon.

Mob has released some of the best pieces of art from his cupboard such as, “Billa Bang”, “Ram Ragda” & “The Finest”. Along with this Mob D has collaborated with Dakait Shaddy on “Badhe tu chal” & “Capital Punishment”, 2FISTD on “ON MY WAY MAA” & with JINN, TYLITU, TRATAK & Brave Wrld.

Meaning of Mob D

The real name of Mob D is Deepak along with nicknames such as ‘Deepu’ & ‘Sonu’, he was called a mobster during one phase of his life which pushed him to claim that name as his personality. A gangster is something that is the next level of a Mobster, but he never claimed that title and preferred to stay and be recognized as a Mobster.

Now by joining Mobster with Deepak the most unique name that comes on the other side is the name of our superstar “Mob-D” M-O-B to the D. He is now widely known for his stage name and the name Deepak is quite limited to his family.

The name of the artist is also influenced by the great duo of the 90s ‘Mobb Deep’ which means “travel in large groups”.

Who is Mob D?

Mob-D has a whole different vibe that comes with his music that is not similar to anyone on this planet. Unnoticed would be a big word but in DHH he hasn’t got his position or “Limelight”, the artist is growing at a slow pace, but soon he’ll leave a mark and will stay on the top.

Mob-D used to be considered as a ‘Freak’ in his village, but now he’s a well-known personality throughout India, having around 9k monthly listeners on Spotify.  He has faced a lot of trauma from his childhood which can be seen and experienced through his music. He is happy with his life, and no matter what happens with him he always spreads positivity through his songs.

Mob-D has a very commanding voice, which is inspiring each and every one of his listeners. His songs are full of motivation and harmony. Mob-D proudly says “He’s the best and you should say you’re the best”, that is what keeps us moving forward and achieving the best.

"Badhe tu chal bhale hi kal na mile koi fal 
Lekin me Kahunga Badhe tu chal”-MVP

Authors Take– Mob-D will succeed and top the DHH and Global charts, just not because he’s good with his skills or because he has a great deep voice for rap. It’s because he is not working just for himself, but for everyone around him who has faith in him. He may let himself down sometimes, but he can’t fail his supporters.

Records Of Mob-D

Top Viewed Song– ‘Badhe Tu Chal’ – 3.9 Lakh Views

Top Plays on Spotify– “Badhe Tu Chal”- 1.37 lakh plays

Most Loved Song– ‘Ram Ragda’ – You have never heard anything like this

Most Sensational Song– ‘On my Way MAA’

Possible Collaborations

Aniket Ratauri– They both have worked together in past when Aniket produced tracks for him, but no song has been released with both of them spitting bars on the same track. Mob & Aniket have good relations, and Mob can be seen in some of Aniket’s Music videos.

Muhfaad– He has mentioned many times about Mob being in his top 10, so naturally a collaboration is what the public demands.

Dakait– This collab is the most possible as they have collaborated twice before and both of the songs are landmarks in the community.

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