The DV Case Against YoYo Honey Singh: What Lies Ahead?

The DV Case Against YoYo Honey Singh: What Lies Ahead?

YoYo Honey Singh is widely regarded as the man who popularized rap music amongst the Indian masses. But his journey towards the top has been full of controversies, allegations, and media trials. Recently, the rapper again steered up in the controversy when his wife Mrs. Shalini Talwar accused him with charges of domestic violence and decided to end their 20 year long relationship by filing for a divorce. Honey Singh reverted back by issuing a statement saying that all the allegations against him are false and expressing his faith in the judiciary.

Honey Singh had introduced his wife Shalini to the world through the stage of the Star Plus show named Raw Star in 2014. After that in all of his interviews he has regarded his wife as the primary support system in his life and career. Mrs. Shalini has also been spotted with him in various interviews, events, and shows.

Honey Singh has always put forward his wife as the primary person who took care of him during his recovery from bipolar disorder. She’s even credited as a producer in his First Kiss video. Both were spotted together in a recent vlog of Flying Beast aka Gaurav Taneja. This was the first time that Honey Singh had issued a statement publicly or given a reply to any of his controversies. What made him do that? What is the way forward in this case? Will this case impact his career? I’ve answered all these questions in this article so keep reading…

Why did Honey Singh issue a statement?

This isn’t the first time Honey Singh has been in a controversy. He was accused of not giving proper credits to his fellow artists in the past, and he still didn’t issue a statement on that. He was accused of using vulgar lyrics in his songs, and still didn’t issue a statement on that either. There was a demand from a certain section of people to ban him and his music, still, he didn’t give any sort of reply. During his “Invisible Phase”, the media made several theories regarding his disappearance, still he didn’t pay any attention to them.

But this time it was one of his own family members accusing him. People find words of a family member said against you more trustworthy than accusations made by other people. The allegations which were floating in the media could’ve easily tarnished his image for the time being until the court would have the judgment on it. In this situation, issuing a public statement is the right thing to do in order to place forward the other side of the story.

Way forward for this case?

Honey Singh and his family are in serious trouble here, not because they committed the acts, but because all these allegations have come with tension, stress, societal judgments, a drop in his sales, and his undergoing deal with T-Series could also be affected.

Looking forward, we can assume a few things to happen/change in this scenario, as the allegations from Shalini Talwar are strong and the situation may start to get worse pretty soon for Honey Singh and his fans. Domestic violence cases are always in the limelight of the media and society, and Honey Singh is a household name in India.

  • Divorce- This ‘JODI’ might break as the judicial proceedings will go on. Later Honey Singh will end up paying a hefty amount of maintenance to Shalini Tiwari.
  • Fall in career– This type of allegation without a doubt will effect his music. We have seen in the past how Honey Singh fell off once due to alcohol addiction and mental illness after 2016. He was coming back and getting the industry to notice him again on a large scale but these allegations might make him suffer in an unimaginable way.
  • Hard as rock- Honey Singh is arguably the most controversial DHH artists in India, so he’s the one who has faced the most hate and problems during his life time. He overcame all of it struggling and fighting. All of that has made him a strong fighter that will aid him in this fight if he is truly innocent as he says.

Similar situations seen in Western Hip-Hop

Dr.Dre is one of the most renowned personalities in Hip-Hop, the creator of California Sounds, and the pioneer for many great artists like  2pac, Snoop, 50 Cent & Eminem. Dre divorced his wife recently in 2020 while paying 21 Crore as maintenance Per Month.

Will Smith, a rapper turned actor, is continuously facing issues in his relationship with his wife. They have dropped out many times in the past but have come back together. Will has said many times that he’s too disturbed with his relationship.

What kind of outcome do you think Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar will face?